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God’s Faithfulness in Hard Times

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     Ryan Kiblinger

Far too often people are wrongly told, or they get the notion that walking through life with God will make life easy.  This is not necessarily the truth, and we can see that in Scripture.  From Abram having to leave his family and the only country he had ever known, to Joseph being imprisoned in Egypt though he was falsely accused, we see hardships in the circumstances of the people who follow God.  Church tradition tells us that ten of the twelve apostles  were killed for their faith in Jesus.  If one looks at the full story found in the history and people of the Bible, and throughout Church history, easy life is not the normal, nor ever a promise.  No matter what that televangelist is trying to hawk on your tv.

No, life is hard, and believing in God won’t necessarily change the circumstances of hardship.  So many circumstances we face are beyond our control.  Now walking with God and being obedient will certainly mean a different set of circumstances will be outcomes of our decision making.  That will make things a bit easier perhaps, but it doesn’t give any guarantee of ease.  No, the promise of God is not an easy life, but rather the promise of God is that He will be with you no matter what you face.

Think of Daniel in the lion’s den.  Most of us know that story, and we know that God saves Daniel.  But upon reading it with fresh eyes, I don’t want to see God save Daniel through the lion’s den, I want God to have him from the lions den!  Isn’t that what we often want from God?  If God was really good why would he ever allow Daniel to ever have to go into the lion’s den in the first place!  That is what we think, particularly for ourselves.

But God’s promise is to be with you, and that through His being with you His glory will be shown through you!  Daniel’s story wouldn’t be much of a story if he had never seen the inside of the lion’s den. God reveals His glory in Daniel because Daniel went through what he went through.  Remember in your hardships of life, God is with you, and is working to transform you, and to have His glory shown through you.


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