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Give them a break

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Betty Weiss

      Betty Weiss

I certainly don’t qualify as a political pundit, but I do have some personal thoughts about the venomous speeches, protestors breaking windows and burning cars, and the constant doom and gloom being spouted by the newspapers and television reporters about what dire straits this country is in.  And not to forget the Hollywood big wigs, who make the mega bucks, spouting off like they are the ultimate authority on what’s good for the American people.  They are still in shock that their candidate for president lost the election.  If Hillary won, most of “Celebes” probably had their outfits – along with the borrowed jewelry- all picked out to wear to the inaugural ball. While Hillary might have had a hot, red sequined pantsuit laid out to wear, Donald had to pick either the longest red or blue tie that he owned.

Many of the folks are still waiting for all the celebrities who threatened to leave the country if Trump won the election to set sail or fly away.  But none of them have left yet.  It’s not a matter of not having the money to move, it’s just that they know there’s no place else where they can live the life style they’ve become used to.  One suggestion would be for all of them to pool their money, charter a cruise liner, and set sail for some remote island with no Trump to worry about.  They could establish their own government, and even organize a community playhouse. If the naysayers want to leave this country, two words: “All Aboard.”

Did you happen to see the tirade that Ashley Judd put on at one of the marches?  She must have thought she was trying out for an Academy Award.  She actually looked scary as she waved her arms around and said she sees Trump as evil and feels Hitler in the streets.  Wonder what she really knows about the past with Hitler?  And did you catch Madonna? (A true paragon of virtue and intelligence)  She said she often dreams of blowing up the White House. Spoken like a true patriot who earns more money than she’s worth.  I bet if I stood on the corner of Indian Trial and Antalope holding a sign that read “I Dream of Blowing up the White House” there would be a half dozen Feds at the my door in less than an hour, asking serious questions about my intentions.

Yes, there’s free speech, but it does seem like the far left and radicals from both parties have stretched it to the breaking point. Convert all that negative energy and accentuate the positive to get this country on a course that will benefit all the people.  Give the gripes and grudges a rest, already. We’re all in this together. I said it once before and it’s still true – I’ve never seen a boatload of people paddling to get away from this countries’ shores. So we must be doing something right.

This old USA has its faults, but the good that it’s always done through the years far outweighs any faults.  I’m proud to be an American (or should I say Scotch-Irish American?) any time, any place.  All any of us can do is hope and pray that our president and the congress will make us proud.  But for goodness sake, give them a break.


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