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Garden Styles

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Joyce Friels

Local Gardening


There are so many styles of gardens. Each style is unique and can be adapted into any space. You may like two or more styles and that’s great. Combine them or make them separate in different areas of your landscape. Many gardens are a result of the gardener’s imagination or passion.

If you are a person that likes growing a specific variety of plant, make that the focal point of your landscape. Whether show casing the front of the house or a patio space in the back it will have your style in it.

A garden can be planted any place – front yard, backyard, patio, hilltop, around a pond or swimming pool. Just allow yourself to pursue your love of plants. Some of us are wanting to improve the environment but have a limited space and some simply en-joy his or her own unique interest.

If you have some heavily shaded area that needs brightening up, consider a woodland garden. This style of garden is brought to life by white and green plants. These choices can be low maintenance and easy to grow. Native wildflowers can be planted here also. Another style, the tropical garden, offers a chance to plant a space that receives early morning sun but afternoon shade.  This would be a good place for geraniums, impatiens, begonias, and caladiums with some elephant ears in the back-ground.

Maybe you like the sound of water. A water garden can be as simple or as large as you want it to be or as space allows. We started our water garden with a four foot galvanized horse trough above ground. It had some below water oxygenating plants, water lilies and gold fish. It was easy to maintain and we enjoyed it every day.

If you wish to save the environment, then a xeriscape, rock garden, or wildlife garden may be the way for you to show your passion. A desert or succulent garden can be created by adding a variety of cacti, succulents, ornamental grasses and other drought-tolerant plants to the space. A rock garden provides you with a chance to grow both sun-loving and shade plants in the same space. Wildlife gardens always welcome a large diversity of flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, pollinators and songbirds to the space.

Gardening is not only a hobby but is an art form. What style will let your passion guide you in making a space that is unique? These listed here are just a few of the many garden styles that can provide you with spaces to enjoy and show off your art.


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