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Flowering Vines

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The use of flowering vines over a trellis or pergola has many benefits. There are many varieties of climbing vines and plants that will shower you with color and privacy. One spring we planted moonflower vine seeds to grow over a small archway trellis in our backyard. The large white flowers only opened in the evenings. It was pleasant sitting on our veranda with the light scent of their blooms filling the evening air.

Growing annual vines over light structures will add depth and texture to a space. Some vines that do very well on these are the morning glory vine, the black-eyed Susan vine, the cardinal vine and the variegated bean vine. You could plant any combination of these to give you a spectacular look. The coral honeysuckle, coral vine, passion flower and the cross vine are other good choices that invite hummingbirds. The autumn clematis will show off its white fragrant blooms abundantly in October.

Some favorites that grow well on a sturdy wood trellis or pergola are the purple wisteria, honeysuckle and the trumpet vine that comes in both orange and yellow. There are two roses that do well on a sturdy structure. One is the Lady Banks rose with its light yellow blooms in early spring. Another is the Zephirine Drouhin with its burgundy pink blooms. This rose is thorn less and withstands shade. It would be a good choice on a north facing pergola or wall. Don’t overlook the choices of the yellow-green hops vine or the standard ivy vine to give color and depth.

Vining plants not only provide color but also much needed shade and privacy. The area under a shaded trellis or pergola can be 15 degrees cooler when covered with vines. These plants perspire just as people do. This is called transpiration. The plants evaporate moisture to cool themselves off. This creates an atmosphere that is inviting when entertaining guests.

Whichever your choice you can create an inviting place for you and your guests to enjoy. Whether walking through an archway to a cozy shaded sitting area or lounging under a pergola your guests will find a space where they can relax.


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