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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Financial Success Company aims to educate local citizens

Sara Escobar

Evening Star

At myEcon, a personal financial success company, their mission statement is to help families attain financial success through cashflow generation and financial education. The financing business is birthed from the East Coast area and just recently came to the city. Located at 2904 S Trimmier Road in Killeen, the building has been up and running for a little over three weeks—and according to Executive Vice President Mark Fuller, they’re going to continue to branch out.

“What we do is allow people to make an adjustment in their lives and receive an immediate increase in income. By investing in yourself and myEcon, you also gain financial wisdom and strength.” Fuller says the company has grossed a total 18 millionaires in the last 12 years.

Every Monday at 7 p.m., a class is held at the Killeen location that is free to the public and offers key strategies on how to make more money, invest, and see a return.

myEcon is a 10-year-old, technology driven company, created by a small group of financial professionals to empower people to attain Financial Success. According to their official website, the company has helped thousands of people financially and some have become millionaires. myEcon has done this by helping people increase their cashflow multiple ways, using it’s powerful, Personal Financial Success System. The system is based on three Smart Cashflow Strategies. The three strategies are: Minimize Taxes, Generate Business Income and Asset Accumulation.

The website goes on to note why each strategy is important. The first strategy, Minimizing Taxes, is essential because Americans lose about one third of their income to taxes. myEcon helps Associates minimize their taxes by two methods: Correct Tax Withholding and Maximizing Business Deductions. The second strategy, Generating Business Income is important because millions of people want more income but cannot get a significant pay raise on their job. myEcon provides each Associate with a World Class Business system, which includes a personalized website, marketing, training and leadership support. Asset Accumulation is essential because we must accumulate Income Producing Assets to attain financial success. Income producing assets, like stocks, bonds, real estate, 401K’s and annuities provide passive income. Passive Income provides financial stability, financial freedom and eventually retirement.

“What we’re really about is helping people,” says Fuller, “and with myEcon we’re changing lives.”

The weekly classes are free to attend, and those interested in joining myEcon are subjected to a $34.95 monthly fee that will provide them with a personalized website, a “world class” business system, financial software, valuable tax benefits and plenty of support from other Associates. For more information, visit or call Mark Fuller at 254 290 7560.


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