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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

‘Fast N’ Loud’ films segment debuting new Heights restaurant

‘Fast N’ Loud’  films segment debuting new Heights restaurant

By Lindsay Starr Platt

Thursday evening it was standing room only and a line outside to get a seat at Harker Heights newest restaurant Richard Rawlings’ Garage. The food establishment is the latest venture by the star of Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud”, Richard Rawlings. The Richard Rawlings’ Garage has been open for a month in the former Twin Peaks and serves a cuisine best described as “revved up comfort food”.
Fans of Rawlings waited outside to see if they could be the first to snap a photo of him as he got out of the tour bus. The tour bus circled around the property a couple of times and when the crew got out, there was no Rawlings. Fans knew that he must be up to something and the cheering from inside the restaurant confirmed he had already snuck in. Rawlings made a surprise appearance from inside the Garage, kissed his wife and “cut” the grand opening ribbon with his teeth. The Garage was officially open and patrons poured in to find a place at the bar and check out the gift shop.
“I watch ‘Fast and Loud’ all the time,” said Michael Hall of Killeen. “We have been here before, the food is good.”
This is Rawlings’ first venture outside of the Dallas area where he has one other venue the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. He wanted to open the Garage here close to Fort Hood to show support for the military and their families.
“Harker Heights is in the heart of Texas, right next to Fort Hood, which is the largest active duty post in the United States Armed Services,” said Rawlings in a press release. “I am excited and looking forward to serving good food to good people, and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather have the first location of Richard Rawlings’ Garage be.”
He thanked the troops that were there. He also had a military member in uniform come up to the bar, though he couldn’t have a celebratory drink in uniform he still seemed to have enjoyed a wonderful toast from Rawlings.
“I did this out of passion. I wanted them to know we support them (military). I don’t care about the rest. I just want a place these guys can relax. We have tens of thousands of men and women protect this place,” said Rawlings. “I am blessed to be where I am at. I didn’t deserve this kind of turnout. This is about family fun and entertainment.”
It wouldn’t have been a celebrity appearance without autographs and photo ops. Rawlings and his crew kept their smiles on and their markers busy signingRawlings merchandise and other memorabilia.
“I am excited the food is good too. I got a chance to see him last week when he snuck by the Garage to make sure everything was ready,” said Kristie Duvall. “And he looks like a modern day Robert Redford.”
“Fast N’ Loud” depicting the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas has been on Discover Channel since 2012. The show is currently running and all patrons that attended the grand opening on Thursday night have a chance of seeing themselves on a segment of the show. The segment filmed in Harker Heights is expected to air in January or February of 2017.
Liz Jones the Director of Marketing at Richard Rawlings’ Garage was pleased with the turnout and community support.
Jones also stated, “You must try the tater tots.”


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