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Expectant Grandmother

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Dear Sue Ellen,

I am going to have my first grandchild in a few weeks and I haven’t decided what I want my grandson to call me.  Any suggestions?

Expectant Grandmother

Dear Expectant Grandmother,

Congratulations on your new arrival and your new status in life as a grandmother.  Some women think of grandmother-hood as the gateway to becoming old and cranky or eccentric; something to dread.  Being a grandmother does imply that you aren’t 25 years old anymore.  In life, we either get older or we don’t, so consider the alternative and celebrate.  Okay, maybe things on our bodies tend to get poofy, dumpy and saggy with age, but when your grandson turns five years old and tells you he wants to marry you, it all stops mattering because you just became his beautiful fairy princess.

Naming is a rite of passage for grandmothers, so here is a list of actual grandmother names that I have heard people use:  Me-Jo, Nana, Mimi, Gammer, Gram, Grammie, My-Lady, Grannie, Grandmother, Nona, Mama-G, Gan-Gan, Lottie, Moo-Moo, Gran.  Only two of those names were chosen and enforced by the Grandmother.  The rest adapted to what their grandchildren called them when they were too young to speak clearly and baby babble morphed into the best grandmother name ever.

I’m a chubby little person and once made the comment to my granddaughters that I needed to lose some weight. They cried in protest and told me I needed to stay just the way I am because I am so snuggly. Don’t you love it?  So far, I have taken their advice.

Since we are on the topic of grandparenthood, I’d like to share some grandparent house rules: 1) dessert first, 2) bedtime late, 3) swimming in the pool counts as a bath, and..4) yes, we can watch that same Disney movie again.

Go ahead and make plans for what you want to be called by your new grandson.  The grandmother name you choose for yourself might transform into something else.  Be okay with it   The memories you share with your grandson will go with him for a lifetime.  One day he might share fond stories about his Mimi to his grandchildren, so it’s your job to give him lots to talk about.

Please email your parenting questions to and put “Parent’s Corner” in the Subject line.


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