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Excuse me…is that your child or a wild donkey?

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Sue Ellen

        Sue Ellen

Dear Sue Ellen

I was at my nail salon the other day and a young woman came in with four small children.  While she was getting her manicure, the children were unsupervised and disruptive to everyone there.  I really wish parents would be respectful of others instead of letting their children run loose in public places.  It’s potentially dangerous, and quite annoying.



Dear Beverly,

I may have a solution for this problem.  Let’s pass a law that requires all parents to sign an agreement at the hospital before they take their newborns home.  The agreement will include the following terms under penalty of law.  Failure to comply will result in mandatory parenting classes.

1. No dirty diapers discarded in parking lots.

2. No screaming babies, children or parents in public places.

3. Children will not be allowed to climb on shelves in stores or steal candy at the check-out line.

4. No shaking, spinning or climbing on bubble gum machines or any other public equipment.

5. It will be unlawful for parents, or children, to throw tantrums in public places.

6. Punishing a child for coming unglued because they are tired, hungry or thirsty will not be permitted.  Parents are responsible for attending to their children’s needs.

7. Parents and their children are not allowed to run unattended and bray like donkeys in public places.

Maybe I should run for office.  What do you think?

Please email your parenting questions to and put “Parent’s Corner” in the Subject line.


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