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As I type this, I’m in the middle of yet another “hurry up and wait” situation.

Perhaps as a promotion for the new “Mythbusters” series, iTunes has made the entire batch of “Mythbusters: The Search” episodes available for free download. OK. Cool. I opt to go ahead and download the entire batch, and set them all to download one after the other. iTunes lets you download up to three items at once, so I figured that it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Well, the first episode’s data transferred at a reasonable speed. Too bad it’s been stuck at “processing file”, the last step of the process, for about two hours now. The second episode did the same, meaning I’m now only actually downloading a single episode; until such time as the files for the first two finish processing, that third episode is it. If the third episode gets stuck on “processing file”, that’s it for doing anything right now.

It’s possible that there’s just a heavy load on the internet right now, as there are multiple people attempting to access the internet all at once. It’s also possible that iTunes is having a snit fit right now. The way things are going, both are likely.

Yep, snit fit. I just signed out of iTunes, closed it out, waited a few minutes, and then tried again. One of the episodes that was listed as still being “processed” is now playing just fine, and it would appear that the other one should be working as well. I’ll see what happens when the next batch of episodes finish downloading.

…Okay. Third episode downloaded without issue, and the next one started as normal. I guess things will be working normally now, if you presume that 6 hours’ download time per episode is normal. Oy. Let’s see what happens when I set things to only download one item at a time instead of three.

Well, it’s three hours since I typed that, and what’s happening is that everything else I’m trying to do is bogging down. Yes, the bulk of what I needed to do today was all on the computer, with much of that being online research, paid surveys, and the like. Oy.

An hour later now. After weighing the alternatives, I decided to go ahead and pause the downloads. I’ll have to turn them back on later if I want to see everything, but for now I have to prioritize the more important things I have to get done. If I finish up before everyone else goes to bed, then I’ll start everything back up and finish it tonight. If not, then it’ll have to wait until later. Either way, I’m just shifting when the wait has to happen.

Yes, I know “patience is a virtue” and all that. But quite simply, if the fish ain’t biting, waiting around longer probably won’t help matters. No matter how good or valuable the perceived reward is, there comes a time when one has to balance the patience and effort required to obtain it against what you could be doing with that patience and effort. In other words, it may come time to do a sort of cost / benefit analysis on the matter.

Well, I decided that it’ll all wait until tomorrow. Right now, there are things I need to get done instead.

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