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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Doctor shares new medical concept in book

By Shannon Myers
Harker Heights Evening Star

On Nov. 12, at the Barnes and Nobles in Harker Heights from noon to 4:00 p.m., W. Richard Cashion Jr., M.D., will be signing copies of his book, “The Road From Troas: A Legacy Letter Of Faith & Trust.”
“The Road From Troas” started out as a legacy letter to Cashion’s 16 grandchildren a couple of years ago and developed into a telling of his spiritual journey and how God has guided Cashion through life, helping to overcome a learning disability to achieve his goal of becoming a physician.
Cashion hopes one of the messages that readers will take away from his debut book and pass on is to keep their determination alive.
“Hopefully (to) inspire other people with learning disabilities to not give up and keep persevering and be successful,” said Cashion.
Dr. Cashion has dedicated more than 50 years in the medical field and has been extremely impactful to the Central Texas area by developing Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights to address the growing need for medical care in the area.
“In the book is included the story about how Seton Harker Heights hospital was built,” said Cashion.
Through his medical journey, Cashion has seen the changes in medical care, creating a delivery system that has become severally restricted and expensive, taking away from the patient/physician relationship to focus on monetary aspects of health.
Faith did not only guide Cashion throughout his life, but also became a focal point in a new healthcare concept he discusses in his book.
“I started thinking about what are some ways we can help solve this problem and I feel that God has led me to the concept that I call the Troas Concept…We’ve taken God out of the equation and that’s the problem,” said Cashion.
In the Bible, Troas, a town in modern-day Turkey, was the location of where medicine and faith converged. From Troas, the Holy Spirit guided St. Paul, an Evangelist and St. Luke, a physician on a course that impacted medicine and faith.
Cashion believes medicine is once again at a crossroad.
“A physician and an Evangelist joined forces and headed in a totally different direction. The analogy fits today. In other words, physicians need to sort of unite with Evangelism and head in a totally different direction than where medicine is currently headed,” said Cashion.
Dr. Cashion hopes his book will act as a launch pad to get a groundswell of people to join and to create change for better healthcare and to continue to pass along how God is still important, not just in medicine, but in everyday life.
“…God is present in all our lives and in fact, if you listen and pay attention, He will lead you down the right road and that is the success of my life story, being led down the right road by God,” said Cashion.
Dr. Cashion’s book. “The Road From Troas: A legacy Letter of Faith & Trust” is available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book formats. For more information on the Troas Concept, visit


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