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Decking the halls

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Lynette Sowell

My front porch


An annual ritual has been taking place in homes and front yards, the annual “let’s make our homes look festive” tradition that often involves many of us realizing how much stuff we’ve accumulated over the years.

Which in turn, reminds us of how long it’s been since we cleaned out the shed or attic. Plus, it’s getting a little too chilly to have a yard sale, so we’re stuck with our stuff for a few more months.

Among Christmas decorating enthusiasts, you’ll find a spirit of camaraderie and competition.

The diehards are used to other people’s humoring looks and remarks.

“Ah, wow, that’s a lot of decorating.”

Or, “Better you than me.”

Or, “I do good to get one tree put up and decorated.”

When you meet someone else who enjoys decorating, it’s like meeting someone else who understands that Christmas—a time for love, lights, and joy—is worth celebrating with as much light and decoration as possible.

However, decking the halls can become a chore. When I was a kid, the light sets were the ones that if one light blew, all the lights blew. So we’d sit there an hour or so while my father tested every single light on the strand with his volt-a-meter to see which light socket was the dud.

He’d re-wire around the dead socket and all would eventually be well. We’d try to remind ourselves that this was supposed to be “fun.”

Or, try to decorate outside when it’s cold, windy, and trying not to fall off a ladder while a teenager gripes in the yard. What an experience!

The end result, though, is worth it when you see a car slow down at night to take in the sight of the decorations. The whole decking the halls thing isn’t so much for ourselves, but for others, really.

My veteran wall-decker suggests that people pace themselves. Don’t feel like you must get it all done at once. If you’re brave, clear out a weekend day to get everything done.

The main thing about decorating is to enjoy it, even if things don’t go as planned. Keep in mind why you’re decorating.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see your yard up for nomination in the Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful decorating contest. You can nominate any yard in the city limits until December 15. You can even nominate your own yard.


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