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CrossFit Cataclysm gives back to community

CrossFit Cataclysm gives back to community

By Shannon Myers

Saturday, at the Harker Heights Community Park, runners and walkers braved the frigid temperatures to participate in CrossFit Cataclysm’s second H.A.R.P 5k run.
“I wanted to do something that gave directly back to the community,” said Joshua Brown, owner of CrossFit Cataclysm. “When the kids go to school in old clothes or they don’t fit in or picked out as homeless, it means a lot to make them feel good, to not have to worry about things like that. To just be normal kids and not have to stress over something they have no control over,” said Brown.
Homeless Awareness Response Program (H.A.R.P) aids students in Killeen Independent School District (KISD) with qualifying for services provided by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.
“It felt like a good thing to do,” said CrossFit Cataclysm member, Michael Gourley. “People will run anyways, so events like this, it gives everyone a good time to come together and help out.”
H.A.R.P provides students with food, free school breakfast and lunches, transportation to and from school and other resources to ensure they are able to stay in school and provide some normalcy during a turbulent time.
“I’ve been participating in 5ks all year. I think it’s great,” said Anna Sampson, KISD Public Education Information Management System specialist. “I can see that there’s an importance in making sure kids are actually living in a stable home because that really helps their education. I’ve see the big difference in the data of how this affects the students,” said Sampson.
Sampson hopes more KISD employees will join her at events such as the H.A.R.P 5k because they work close with the youths and Sampson believes it would mean a lot to them.
The course wove into the housing community near the park and wrapped around the Harker Heights High School to finish at the baseball fields back in the park.
“The course was good. There were a couple of hills, but it was a nice little course,” said Stefanie Marshall, first place female runner and a member of CrossFit Cataclysm. “I like running for stuff like this. You get to meet people, get together and support a good cause,” said Marshall.
Before the run, children had the opportunity to participate in a free fun run.
The 5k raised $1,900. H.A.R.P was able to receive 300 boxes of food and over 600 youths will receive gifts for the holidays.
H.A.R.P has identified 1,000 youths as homeless in the KISD area. Homelessness identified under H.A.R.P is not being able to have a stable residence, living in substandard housing, residing in vehicles, shelters, campsites, abandoned structures, and runaways or unaccompanied youths.
The Harker Heights community has been amazing. They have always been supportive of our program and providing ways of bringing awareness to H.A.R.P, said Christina Wilson, KISD H.A.R.P educator and 5k runner.
Texas Boat World, Freedom Urgent Care, Line-X of Harker Heights, HEB, the Park at MTM, Maggie Drake Photography, and Corrective Chiropractic helped sponsor the race.

Runners sporting “I Ran for H.A.R.P” shirts group together to run in the harsh cold air at the second CrossFit Cataclysm H.A.R.P 5k run at the Harker Heights Community Park
Before the run, participants gather for the National Anthem at the second CrossFit Cataclysm H.A.R.P 5k run at the Harker Heights Community Park.
Runners cross the finish line in a CrossFit worth fashion with burpees at the second CrossFit Cataclysm H.A.R.P 5k run at the Harker Heights Community Park.


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