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Couples Carrying: education and practice

Jimmy Hammond Table Creek Tips

Jimmy Hammond
Table Creek Tips

Most people do not understand that when two people carry together, whether they are friends or couples, they must have a conversation about tactics. They must have a plan in place as to who will be the primary shooter versus the secondary and the defined roles of each person within the given situation. This is not a topic often thought about when people are together, but should be. Below is a list of tips to begin the conversation.

Dominant Hand: Couples or friends who are out together should walk or carry themselves in a manner that leaves the dominant hand of the primary shooter free to pull their firearm. If someone has to get pushed to safety at the start of the firearms related incident, precious seconds can be lost in the retrieval of his or her side arm.

Defined Roles: Roles while out must be set and practiced. If both carriers are actively engaged in fighting the threat then who is watching the other’s back? Many crimes occur with more than one subject or perpetrator but often unseen. This can lead to a surprise that no one wants. At some point it does not matter the numbers when they have the drop on you.

Comparable Calibers: Some people will disagree with me on this, but let’s look at the brass tacks on this. Couples should carry close to the same caliber and if possible maybe even carry the same firearm. Husbands, I know you want to have that big .45 caliber handgun on your side, but in the event that your spouse or partner carries a .380 and something happens to you, will they be prepared to use your firearm? This is a question that must be answered. Also, this allows for shared ammo or magazines.

Body Language: Both parties should know not only how to read the body language of the threats they face, but more importantly the body language of each other. My wife learned early on in our marriage that if I stood facing someone then I felt no immediate threat. However, if I turned into a more bladed stance she knew something was up and I was putting my body between that threat and my firearm because this would give me the opportunity to disengage from the threat and conceal my draw.

Remember, the more you communicate between friends and couples can lead to a more positive outcome in a bad situation. Do not take for granted that the person you’re with knows what to do. Training and education is not just for you, but those with whom you travel.

If you have any questions with regards to Texas License to carry or personal protection, please feel free to email me at I will go through them and answer them in following columns.


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