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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Council canvasses May 9 elections

By Bridget Carlson, Harker Heights Evening Star

The Harker Heights City Council met on Tuesday to discuss and approve a resolution authorizing continued participation with the Atmos Cities Steering Committee; and authorize payment of five cents per capita to fund regulatory and related activities related to Atmos Energy Corporation.

The City Council also held a public hearing to consider approving an ordinance to change the zoning designation from R-1 (Residential One-family Dwelling District) to B-4 (Secondary and Highway Business District) on a 1.677 acre of land located at 13950 E FM 2410 was also approved. The applicant requested a change in zoning for the purpose of utilizing an existing vacant commercial structure on site for her rental business.

Mayor Rob Robinson proclaimed May 15 as National Police Memorial Day and the week of May 17 – 23 as Emergency Medical Services Week.

“Those of us in Harker Heights are indeed fortunate to have the emergency medical system that we have in this area. That system is not only the fire and paramedics, it is also our brothers in blue standing here before you. They are a main part of our system which includes our citizens in this town,” said Harker Heights Fire Chief Jack Collier.

Elections returns were also canvassed for the May 9 Municipal Election and two new councilmembers were sworn in; Councilmember Steve Carpenter, Seat 2 replacing Councilmember Sam Murphey, who retired, and Councilmember Jody Nicholas in Seat 5.  Both councilmembers ran unopposed.

Councilmember Sam Murphey, who was elected to the Harker Heights City Council in 2009 for Seat 2 and served two terms, said farewell Tuesday at his retirement reception preceding the City Council Meeting.

Along with elections for councilmembers, results of the only proposition on the ballot were announced. The proposition read “shall the Harker Heights City Council be authorized in accordance with Texas local government code section 253.001 to sell approximately 2.097 acres of land out at Purser Family Park aboding 100 Mountain Lion Rd.”. The results were 264 in favor and 90 against. The proposition passed.


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