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Cornucopia: Kitchen Art Work??

Cornucopia: Kitchen Art Work??

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How many pieces of glass can the jar container of a Black & Decker blender make when it hits the floor?  Give up?  I stopped counting at a gazillion.

Not long ago, I started making my version of a smoothie several mornings a week.  It consisted of mixing milk, fruit, yogurt, and any other goodies that were lurking about in the fridge or on the counter. Since I started making the smoothie, I was quite proud of myself that, so far, I had not started the blender before I put the lid on. Thus, avoiding the inevitable spray.  

But the morning came when the cord was caught under the base.  So, very carefully, I took the jar off the base and sat it aside.  Then I lifted the base and got the cord out to plug it into the socket under the cabinet.                   

With no warning whatsoever, it was KABOOM and SPLISH, SPLASH!  Liquid air, shards of glass everywhere with an overlay of spilt milk that was tinted a lovely shade of lilac from the combination of strawberries and blueberries.  Smack in the center of this spill was a big yellow banana surrounded by juicy red strawberries, and scattered more to the milky boarder were some plump blueberries. Glass bits of all sizes and shapes fanned out from ground zero to the far corners of the room – shinning like little demon eyes waiting to prick any finger that came close.

In fact, if all the mess had been seen through the eyes of Paul Cezanne, the master still life artist, he might have painted it as:  “Bananas and Berries Reposing on Tile.”  While Salvatore Dali might have done it big and bold – yet, with limp strokes – and dubbed it “Slivers and Fruit au Lait.”  Actually, I think my title was far more appropriate:  The “#%^*?+ Mess.”

Fortunately, Dieter was home at the time of the kaboom, and it took both of us a long time to pick up the chunks and slivers of glass without getting stabbed.  How six ounces of milk, a couple of ice cubes, a banana and berries, and one glass container could explode into over a gazillion pieces defies the imagination.  We used a whole roll of paper towels to suck it up, and Dee went over the whole area with the mop.  Then I used my little battery-powered vacuum to go over the area twice.  

If Dee hadn’t been at home to help, I think I might have just packed up the cats, backed the car out of the garage, and tossed in a mach.  Start over in a new house  with a clean kitchen.  Did I mention it was a sticky mess, too? Even with the mopping, the next day my house slippers hit a sticky spot or two.   

I still have no idea how the darn container went from counter to floor in a split second.  So how did it fall?  Tip of the day:  Be on guard for kitchen gremlins that sneak up on you and knock things over when you least expect it. And like pine needles that linger in nooks and crannies long after Christmas, we found slivers of glass for several more days after the incident.


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