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CORNUCOPIA: Getting to Know Jack

CORNUCOPIA: Getting to Know Jack

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by Betty Weiss

Proud first time grandparents, STEVE and RENEE COOK, arrived at the Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina, rented a car and make tracks to Sanford, which is just outside of Ft. Bragg, to meet their grandson. John Jackson Cook, who will be known as “Jack,” arrived at 1:21 a.m. on July 23, at the Womack Army Medical Center on post. Jack weighed in at a trim 6 lbs. 8oz. and has already put on some extra weight. His equally proud parents are Captain Brian and Leslie Cook. Brian is now a company commander with the 82nd Airborne Rangers and a former graduate of HHHS and Texas A&M. Steve has a phone full of pictures of his really adorable (Jack might think “adorable” inappropriate for a guy) grandson that he will be happy to share. Congratulations to all!
(The Shoe Caper first appeared in February 2008) One of the things I look forward to on the Jay Leno show is his segment about stupid criminals. Therefore, in order not to harass our Harker Heights Police Department, or wind up on a segment of stupid people reporting stupid crimes, Dee and I didn’t report the vandalism and theft that occurred on our patio over a period of about three or four days.
The headline might have read: “Squirrels Strip Sneakers,” and go on – “At approximately 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 7, a call came into the police station from the Weisses on Badger Circle reporting one sneaker had mysteriously disappeared from their patio. Also missing, were two sets of laces stolen from another pair of sneakers that had been on the patio for months.
The couple had been to Bossier City for a few days (didn’t win enough money to replace the sneakers) and discovered the theft when they returned home. Anyone with information about the missing sneaker or laces, please contact the police department immediately.”
Fortunately, that report was never filed, and we solved the crime without having to use the time and resources of HHPD. After a thorough search of the yard, the missing sneaker was discovered not far from its original location. The laces were missing, and vandalism had been involved, because the eyelets and tongue were thoroughly chewed as the culprit obviously had trouble getting them out.
The mate to that sneaker had some chew marks, but was only missing one lace. We think something must have startled the thief on his first attempt. And in his frustration, he dragged the sneaker to the yard and viciously tore out the laces. .
The other pair of sneakers was sitting side by side with both sets of laces cleanly stripped from them. Not a mark – just a gapping hole that the laces had once held together.
After an in-depth investigation, we finally came to the conclusion that our vandal and thief was a squirrel. Just one of the many we feed. Usually, friendly little guys that sit on the patio railing and beg, but turned ungrateful little critters to resort to such tactics. Their paws worked out those laces as well as any pair of hands, and the laces will probably be put to use to build a nest.
The crime will never make it in the annals of the great train robberies, the art heists in Italy, and certainly won’t be the crime of the century like the 1950 Brinks robbery in Boston, but it sure ranks high for the quiet and sneaky manner in which it was done. And it was solved without having to bother Chief Gentry.


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