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Harker Heights Evening Star

Congressman John Carter addresses Texas Association of Business

Congressman John Carter addresses Texas Association of Business

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Harker Heights Evening Star

On Wednesday the banquet room at Wildflower Country Club was packed as city dignitaries and local chambers of commerce were invited to attend the Texas Roundtable Series Central Star Chapter.  Texas Association of Business (TAB) and the TAB Central Star Chamber hosted the luncheon featuring keynote speakers, U.S. Congressman John R. Carter and Bill Hammond, CEO, Texas Association of Business as they discussed and answered questions on topics of current importance.

David Jones, chairman, TAB Central Star Chapter, welcomed Congressman Carter following brief social hour and light lunch. Carter spoke about current events going on in congress and locally, afterwards he opened the floor to discuss any questions from attendees.

Social Security, I-35 progress, a long-term highway bill and other highway projects were brought up and answered by Carter.

Sequestration was a topic that was asked about from attendees. Carter had this to say about sequestration:

“What makes the “Great Place” the great place?” We (Fort Hood) are going to get hardest than any other Army post in America, with this year’s cuts, I am very unhappy about that” “I’d like to see some equality across these cuts. When greater chief says ‘cut the force in the army’, they cut the force, they follow orders.” commented Carter.

“A world without someone leading it is a world stumbling around in the dark. Why do we have to do this? Because we are the only superpower that exists.” said Cater, on speaking about our troops. “Whether we like it or not, we got to get up and lead. I believe we got kids from the newest enrollment in the military like you have those three kids on the train. You train any of our armed forces the American way, and they know the sounds of a gun. And that is what happened on that train in France. We are proud of those guys.”

When asked on what were his thoughts on raising the debt limit, Carter said:

“The last time we basically shut down the government, and shutting down the government is not a good thing. When you shut down the government all the things you need and want like the military gets paid, they aren’t there, you can’t go to parks. We have already debted ourselves. This is money to pay bills; this is the electric bill from the last month, not next month. You are borrowing money to pay bills that is already spent.”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was a topic an attendee inquired about, and Carter replied:

“A lot of what you hear gets mixed up with the Iran agreement. As far as I know it is not anywhere near concluded.

Other topics brought up in the question and answers panel were about Donald Trump and the war on immigration.

When asked about how our country could reduce debt Carter replied:

“If I ask you to cut your debt, by the way, you could only use one-third of your paycheck. The rest of your paycheck you cannot have, so out of that third everything you do to live, is in there. Two-thirds of our money is obligated… it is already spent. So that is where the money is, two-thirds is spent, we will never really reduce debt.”


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