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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Commissioners Court discuss speed zone changes

Lindsay Starr Platt 

Evening Star

County commissioners gathered for their regular meeting Monday morning to discuss and consider items on the agenda. The minutes from the regular meeting on January 30 were discussed and approved.

A Public Hearing was held at the court for considerations to establish a 50 MPH speed zone on Iron Bridge Road near Youngsport. No one came forward to speak about the change. Commissioners approved the motion.

County Commissioners approved the Resolution in opposition to Senate Bill (SB) 248, regarding changes to the Texas Water Code. If SB 248 becomes law, it’s likely that the Chisholm Trail Special Utility District will be dissolved.

“Senate Bill 248 is a bill that is being introduced by Senator (Charles) Schwertner, (Republican) of Georgetown. The actual purpose of the bill is in order to allow Chisholm Trail’s board to dissolve after they’ve given away all their assets and responsibilities of duties to the city of Georgetown. Under the statute, they do not have the statutory authority to dissolve and therefore Sen. Schwertner has submitted Senate Bill 248, which would change the entire state of Texas water code for the sole purpose to allow Chisholm Trail to dissolve,” said Commissioner John Fisher. “With litigation pending, I don’t believe and a lot of people don’t believe that the correct thing to do is to pass a bill to dissolve an organization when there’s pending litigation against it. So that’s the intent to show that Bell County is opposed to SB 248, changing the Texas Water Code solely to dissolve Chisholm Trail.”

Commissioner Judge Jon Burrows said, “We have a good number of citizens that reside within Chisholm Trail Special Utility District.”

County Commissioners also approved Easement and Right of Way to Oncor Electric to reroute the main power supply to the existing Bell County Expo Center facility.  This action will support the power requirements for the overhead and/or underground electric and communications services needed for Phase 1 of the EXPO expansion.

Fleetmatics was approved for a three-year contract for the installation of an additional 35 GPS systems for the Bell County Sheriff’s Department. This contract will be a monthly cost of $1,443.75. The Sheriff’s Department will now have a total of 70 vehicles that can be tracked by this GPS system.

County Commissioners considered and approved the authorizing the award as the primary vendor to both Killeen Crushed Stone and Vulcan Construction Material LLC for Aggregate for the Bell County Road & Bridge Department.  Also awarded as a secondary vendor is Vulcan Construction Material LLC for Aggregate.

The county commissioners met for a workshop following the regular meeting. Regular agenda items were discussed at the workshop as well as the mention of upcoming county events.


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