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City of Harker Heights honors employees

City of Harker Heights honors employees

By Shannon Myers

Tuesday afternoon, at the Harker Heights Activities Center, the city of Harker Heights held its’ Employee Recognition Ceremony. The city and its’ officials honored the accomplishments and the actions made by those who dedicate their time and effort to serve the city.
“It’s just the opportunity for our whole team to see our whole team and to see what recognition and things are done, retirement or five year pins, or this certification or that award,” said Mayor Rob Robinson. “It shows that we have a really good climate and culture in our town and this is just a representation of it,” said Robinson.
Employee of the Third Quarter was awarded to Richard Fierro, a team leader for the Waste Water Plant.
“He’s meticulous in the things that he reviews. He’s saved the city major dollars by using his expertise. And he also sets an example,” said City Manager, David Mitchell, recalling what the Employee of the Quarter Committee wrote about Fierro.
Juvenile Case Manager, Kelly Metress was honored with Employee of the Fourth Quarter.
“I’m just happy to have this opportunity to work for the city of Harker Heights. I went to school for an education major and I wanted to teach high school, but working with the youths that make a mistake or two really helps me enjoy my job,” said Metress.
The Harker Heights Courts honored Daniel Garcia with his five-year service pin and Juliette Helsham with her 15-year service pin and court management certificate.
The Courts were also recognized for the 2016 Spotlight Achievement Award and Best Teen Court Website Award.
The Finance Department recognized new employee, Annette Hamman, a customer service clerk.
Mark Hyde, Public Works director recognized Coy Smith, Joedi Rivera Adorno, and Patrick Wilson with their five-year service pins. Paul Murray received a 10-year service pin.
Public Works employee, Yvonne Spell was promoted to customer relations supervisor and Patrick Wilson promoted to maintenance technician and received his Class II Wastewater Coll. Operator. Joedi Rivera Adorno received his Texas Vehicle Inspection certification.
Chuck Adams, Lesile Stevens, and Bill Zeigler also received their Class II Wastewater Coll. Operator certifications.
New employees at public works were honored, Patrick McCree, Leland Smith, Ted Railsback, Jose Bauista, Kye Ball, and Tommie Fulcher.
Pet Adoption Center announced the transfer of Marion Powe to pet adoption center maintenance specialist and new employee, Jaeda Boyer.
Parks and Recreation honored Joshua Figueroa-Ramirez with a five-year service plan and recognized two new employees, Dae’Ron Grant and Kendra Aggus.
The Police Department recognized five new police officers, Fernando Fernandez, Joshua Wood, Charles Japalucci, Duarte Fernandes, and Lonnie Clark.
The new K9, Bartje was sworn in by Police Chief Mike Gentry while fellow K9, Rokky, was announced of his upcoming retirement.
Officer Christopher Hinckley was awarded a five-year service plan and officer Roosevelt Wilson, Jr. a 20-year service pin.
Officer Randy Stefek was promoted to Sergeant and Officer Raphael Baumgaetel was promoted to Corporal.
Recognition was given to officers Randy Stekek, Clyde Hicks, and Russell Dunagan for competing in the Gulf Coast Motorcycle Skills Championship.
And special recognition was given to Sonja Clay, Jack Chapman, Ben Duiker, Dan Deleon, Johnny Reams, and Kerry Ann Frazier for their work on an Amber Alert, resulting in the safe return of a Harker Heights child.
Planning and Development announced Zachary Hendrick’s transfer to administrative assistant.
The Fire Department new employees, Andrew Latimer, Charles Brummett II, and new Fire Chief, Paul Sims.
Fire Fighters Colton Soukup, Clint Chudej, and Jordon Clopton received their five-year service pins. A 10-year service pin was awarded to firefighter Matthew Truitt.
Firefighter, Matthew Truitt shakes the Harker Heights Mayor, Rob Robinson’s hand after receiving his 10-year Service Pin at the City of Harker Heights Employee Appreciation Ceremony at the Activities Center
Police Chief Mike Gentry swears in K9 Bartje at the City of Harker Heights Employee Appreciation Ceremony at the Activities Center
Juliette Helsham shakes the hand of Mayor Rob Robinson after she received her 15-year service pin and her court management certificate at the City of Harker Heights Employee Appreciation Ceremony at the Activities Center
New police officers of Harker Heights shake the hands of the city council members at the City of Harker Heights Employee Appreciation Ceremony
Employee of the Third Quarter, Richard Fierro
at the City of Harker Heights Employee Appreciation Ceremony


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