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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

City Council Agrees to Lower Speed Limit

Sara Escobar

Evening Star

A picture of I-14 (formerly U.S. 190) when the speed limit was 75 mph. After the results of the city council meeting, the speed will now be lowered back to 65 mph.

On May 23, the Harker Heights City Council held a public hearing and approved changing the speed limit from 75 to 65 on I-14, formerly known as U.S. 190. The change in the speed is causing some unrest with citizens, while others show no opposition to it.

“I think it’s a terrible idea,” said citizen Brian Brown, “People already speed through that section of the highway and many won’t notice or enforce the change. On top of that, it’s going to affect traffic; it’s more dangerous to lower speed limits than it is to increase them.”

“It doesn’t really bug me,” said Zuri Reash, a Harker Heights resident. “I’m from South Carolina, and over there most highways don’t even go up to 60 miles per hour. I don’t think it will impact the city in any way.”

Many other items were discussed in the meeting as well; proclamations were given for “The 2017 Southwestern District Senior Quartet Champions” for their accomplishment in becoming champions and advancing to nationals and to the American Legion Post 573, Auxillary, Sons of American Legion and Riders for their help in providing and cooking food for the Harker Heights Senior Picnic.

The Council also approved the minutes from the meeting from May 9, and appointed Patricia Darnell as Runoff Election Judge and Deborah Kimbrel as Alternate Judge for the June 3 Runoff Election. The Mayor announced he was taking the agenda out of order and started with Public Hearing number five, concerning property valuation increases.

“At least 12 people spoke of their experiences with recent tax appraisals,” said City Manager David Mitchell, “And a crowd of around 60 were present to listen to this item.”

The Council held a public hearing and approved changing the speed from 75 to 65 on I-14.  “No one spoke at the hearing.” Said Mitchell. The Council held a public hearing and approved a settlement with Atmos through the Atmos Cities Steering Committee.  Michael Street with Atmos stated that Atmos recommended approval of the settlement. The Council held a public hearing and adopted an ordinance creating Chapter 103 which will govern donation containers placed around the City.  No one spoke at the hearing. The Council held a public hearing and adopted an ordinance amending Chapter 160.07 (A) of the Code of Ordinances to more clearly define standards for the Building Standards Commission.  No one spoke at the hearing. The Council appointed Hal Schiffman as the Mayor Protem. Councilmember Nicholas was the Mayor Protem for the preceding year and her excellent work in that position was acknowledged.

For more information on upcoming City Council meetings, call City Hall at 254 953 5600.


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