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by Betty Weiss

In September 1958, I had a chat with a young soldier stationed at Fort Hood by the name of ELVIS PRESLEY, who would later go on to be known at the King. With a family that included a five-year-old and a two-and-half year old, we were all Elvis Presley fans and had been hoping to see him while he was living in Killeen.  (Everyone in town knew where Elvis lived.)  One afternoon, we drove up to the house on Oakhill, and there was Elvis leaning up against his red Lincoln in the driveway. When we stopped at the curb, he came walking up towards our car.  He was quite handsome and looked tall and slim in his fatigues.  We did chat, but about all I can remember is telling him how my son loved to go around the house playing his toy guitar and singing “Blue Suede Shoes.”  Elvis posed for several pictures with us, and gave us his autograph. Copies of the pictures of him and the children have been passed around to many friends and relatives – now framed and sitting on an end table, or hanging on a wall in homes from California to New Jersey – and even in Germany.  Much to my chagrin, the picture of Elvis and me came out blurry, and the autograph was lost long ago. But I can always say that I had a chat with the King.

Nineteen years later on August 16, 1977, the King died at the young age of 42.  But he left a legacy of some memorable songs that will be heard for many generations.  Some local ladies chose the following as their favorite Elvis song:  FINNI DIRR, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”; MINNIE LONG, “Blue Suede Shoes”; ANNIE DOCKERY, “Amazing Grace”;  ARLYS HILLIARD, “My Wish Come True”; and LISA YOUNGBLOOD, “Love Me Tender.”

On May 21, 1965, my friend and I left our quarters in Perlacher forest in Munich, cut across the friedhof, boarded the strassenbahn and headed to downtown Munich to do some window shopping, and have lunch at the Donisl, a restaurant on the street right around the corner from the Rathaus on Marienplatz.  When we got off at our stop, we   noticed groups of people lining up along one of the streets that led to the bahnhof. We soon found out that Queen Elizabeth had just arrived in town and her motorcade would be coming our way.  (And both of us with no camera.)  We did get a wave in as she rode past us on the way to the Rathaus.  A few hours later when we came out of the Donisl, people were lining up again to see the Queen.  Within minutes, her black open-back car – I think it was a Bentley – cruised right by us only a few yards away. The Queen was standing up in the back of the car and, if I remember correctly, her lady-in- waiting was sitting next to her; and Phillip was in the following car.  She was dressed in a light colored, satiny looking outfit, a “perky’ hat, and long white gloves.  I know she was looking right at me when she waved. After two friendly waves from the Queen in one day, I thought surely we had bonded, but still waiting to be called as a lady-in-waiting.


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