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Harker Heights Evening Star

Changing image one tattoo at at time

Changing image one tattoo at at time

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In Harker Heights, three men are collaborating together to bring a fresh perspective to what’s still considered a relatively taboo practice. At Black Heart Tattoo Collective, located off Indian Trail, artists have come together as friends and business partners to create a better reputation on the process of getting and giving tattoos.
Artists Danny Mack, Alexis Rivera, and Brandon Davenport held their grand opening for the shop in October. After renting in different shops in the area, the unique group decided working together to offer something different to the community would ultimately yield to more success. So far, this tactic has paid off immensely.
For New Jersey native Danny Mack, he came to the area almost three years ago with one specific goal: to continue improving in his craft, and change the negative stigma some still hold towards tattoos. “It’s important to discuss and develop a client’s ideas, and not let the act of getting a tattoo be an impulsive action,” Mack says. One way they execute this is by being an appointment-only shop. “We hold consultation days one day a month, this way people can come in and really discuss what they’re thinking about getting. We build solid relationships with clients this way, and it gives us time to prep and plan,”
“No one can really compare,” says couple Nicole and Nathan Hagelin, who got their first tattoos by Mack. “We came here from Maryland and looked for artists in the area with the best reviews. This shop really offers something different,” says Nicole, “It’s a professional and sterile environment, and that’s what keeps us coming back,”

HHES/SARA ESCOBAR Client Heather Angevine sits for her Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Brandon Davenport.

Client Heather Angevine sits for her Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Brandon Davenport.

Alexis Rivera, also from New Jersey, says he just wants to create something worthwhile. “I care about making good quality work in an area that’s not well-known for it. When people think about getting an awesome tattoo, they think about going to Austin or somewhere else. You don’t have to travel far, and you don’t have to settle for something you’re less than ecstatic about,” says Rivera, “And if you do find that you settled for a tattoo you don’t care for, we also specialize in cover-ups,” he says.
“We offer custom, well-drawn art,” says Brandon Davenport, originally from Waco. “That’s really where our name comes from. We came together to give collective, stand out work, and our business is steadily growing because of it,”
“There’s just a better atmosphere here,” says client and Harker Heights resident, Robin Rison. “They allow you to ask questions and really care about giving useful and accurate information. They don’t treat you like an inconvenience,” says Rison.
The next consultation day for Black Heart Tattoo Collective is Tuesday, January 24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for people to meet the artists and schedule an appointment. Guest artist Shaun Flinn will also be at the shop from January 22 to January 29.
Together, the trio hopes to continue changing views about tattoos for the better while offering impressive artwork to their clients. For more information about Black Heart Tattoo Collective, visit


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