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Car class teaches drivers basic up-keep

Car class teaches drivers basic up-keep

By Shannon Myers

Thursday evening, Kwik Kar of Harker Heights held their first Kar Care class to community members, educating and demonstrating simple car maintenance and prevention measures.
Enterprise Car Rental provided the demonstration car and Which Wich of Market Heights provided food for the class participants.
Robert Kitchenmaster, managing owner of Kwik Kar of Harker Heights and staff thought of providing a car care class after being involved with life skills classes at Audie Murphy Middle School and from seeing the look of discomfort and expressions of uncertainty from customers regarding car maintenance.
“We would take seventh graders out and show them how to change a tire in case their parents had a hard time or for when they get older and start driving. And just looking at that environment, he decided a safety class was a good thing because a lot of people don’t know about their cars anymore,” said Kadri Ng, assistant manager of Kwik Kar of Harker Heights.
The class provided tips and information on preventative maintenance such as replacing fluids, belts, differentials, tune ups, filters, and other essentials that will not only help prolong the life of a vehicle but ultimately save customers time and money.
“It will help them when people come in and make recommendations to them for services, so they’ll know, yes. That’s a service I need now or no, maybe that’s a service I can get done later,” said Kitchenmaster. “Or if you’re broke down on the side of the road and you have to talk to somebody and describe what’s wrong with your car. The more you know about it, the easier it is.”
Class participant, Leah Jones said she was grateful to have a class like Kar Care available to the community and would like to see more women attend the class.
“I thought I would take the burden off my husband and learn a little bit more,” said class attendant, Leah Jones. “I’m grateful for prevention. This area prioritizes it and I think it’s very significant that there’s a class to learn basic car things. I think it’s the start of something good.”
Kitchenmaster demonstrated the safety precautions when drivers have to pull off to the side of the road, how to change a tire and covered some “what if” scenarios and troubleshooting.
“To learn just in case I get stuck on the side of the road. It’s always good to know a little bit,” said class participant, Kara Stowell.
Although Stowell’s spouse is an employee of Kwik Kar, Stowell said there were a few things she was not knowledgeable of and understands by knowing a little can go a long way when help isn’t available.
“It’s good to just be informed. I usually have someone to call to do it, but that’s why these classes are important so I can learn to do it myself,” said Stowell.
Kwik Kar of Harker Heights is making Kar Care a monthly class.
“To me, the more educated you are about your car, the easier it is to take care of it,” said Kitchenmaster. “We just wanted to help them take care of their cars in a nice, friendly environment and ask questions. We want them to ask questions, we want them to know more about their car, ask us what are we doing and why we’re doing it,” said Kitchenmaster.
For upcoming classes and information, visit the Kwik Kar of Harker Heights Facebook page.


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