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Browns’ Christmas trees keep holiday spirit alive

Browns’ Christmas trees keep holiday spirit alive

By Shannon Myers

Inside the residence of Judy and Jimmy Brown, Christmas joy is captured in every room with collections of snowmen, Santa Clause, carolers, nutcrackers, Christmas characters, and Christmas trees.
The Browns have 40 Christmas trees ranging in sizes and all with their own unique theme from a wine themed tree with homemade cork garland from corks collected by local restaurants to a Disney character tree.
“I’m from a big family of 14 and so at Christmas, we would have one tree and got a couple of toys, clothes, and a pair of shoes and that was our Christmas,” said Judy Brown. “When I got older, I thought I would just start collecting Christmas. I started the with the little trees and every year I would collect more and more,” said Judy Brown.
The first Christmas items Judy Brown started collecting were the Annalee Christmas dolls. Now, Judy Brown has two trees of Annalee dolls and ornaments along with Annalee Santa dolls, snowmen, and other winter characters throughout the home.
“Just seeing the friends and people come and they enjoy them so much and we do too. That’s why we leave them up till February first. It’s a lot of work but it’s well worth it to us,” said Judy Brown.
Judy Brown started decorating the trees Nov 1 and ended Dec 9. She would wake early near 3:00 a.m. on some days and work all day into the late evening decorating.
Jimmy Brown decorates the two biggest trees with his own style. One tree with a red/traditional theme with a train around the tree and Judy Brown’s favorite, the gold and white tree.
“When we have our neighbors and their children come they just love the train and I would turn on everything with batteries and they really enjoy it,” said Judy Brown.
Jimmy Brown weaves extra lights, ribbons, and ornaments placed within the tree, creating depth in which a person could spend hours finding all the ornaments and decorations on the tree.
The Browns moved to Harker Heights in 1999 from California. The Browns survived an intense earthquake in 1994 and decided they did not want to experience another one.
“I like California but the traffic and that earthquake just did me in…When we moved here, it was to a bigger house and I was able to decorate more. I would buy two or three trees every year,” said Judy Brown.
Judy and Jimmy Brown decorate for all the holidays, but Christmas still remains closest to their hearts. Judy also enjoys spreading the Christmas spirit by the way of making food baskets for families.
“Like my wreath on the doors says, Jesus is the reason for the joyous season, and I really believe that. And I really like to help a family at Christmas, it just brings me joy to help out somebody. That’s all Christmas is about is helping out and sharing and giving,” said Judy Brown.
Another way Judy Brown would like to give more back to the community would be a Holiday Tour of Homes for next year.
“I would really, really love to start one in Harker Heights or Killeen. It would be a good fundraiser to raise money for a charity here,” said Judy Brown.

Jimmy brown, Judy’s spouse decorates two of the 40 Christmas trees. Left, is his red/traditional tree with the wine theme tree in the back.

(left) the nativity Christmas tree and one of two Annalee Christmas trees at Judy Brown’s home with 40 Christmas trees she decorates for the holidays


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