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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

Annual choir concert sells out

Annual choir concert sells out

Sara Escobar

Evening Star 

Harker Heights High School’s auditorium held no empty seats last Saturday night, February 4. The school held its annual choir concert, appropriately named ‘Knights Club’, and promises a high energy show of rock, R&B, and country hits from the ‘50s to the early 2000’s. The show is a two-night event, and is performed entirely by the choir students, from freshman to seniors. Over the years, the show has only gained in size and popularity—and the student’s hard work and dedication was highlighted Saturday night when the show was completely sold out.

The choir’s booster president, Anne Marie Bruner, spoke in admiration about the effort that’s put in by the booster club and students alike. “It’s an unbelievable performance,” says Bruner, “to see your sons and daughters have that special moment in the spotlight, there’s just nothing that compares.”

Bruner points out that the show’s profits reach far beyond what some people can imagine. “We don’t hold bake sales, we don’t hassle parents left and right for donations. We ask these families to come out, buy tickets for our show, and be entertained. The funds get us through all of our events—our swim party, our activities and holiday banquets; it even helps pay for our scholarships.”

“I like to think these kids are forever changed by what takes place on that stage,” says choir director, Tommy Haygood, before the show began. “I see many of these students who come in as freshman, they’re shy and scared—and I get to thrust them into the spotlight and really get them out of their element,” Haygood jokes that he’s been with HHHS since ‘forever’. “I helped design the choir room, and I’m going on almost 32 years with the school. I’ve seen the Knights Club completely transform from just your average dinner show, to a full blown concert.” Haygood was a constant force of encouragement and positivity to his students before the show began, and he provided commentary to the audience throughout the night.

IMG_5707“Our choir students coordinate and choreograph everything,” said assistant choir director, Bethany Cowan. “They have to network to get back up dancers, stage props, and sometimes they even make their own costumes. Our show is far beyond traditional; we make sure there’s a wide variety of songs, from group to solo,” Cowan says auditions are held in December to obtain slots for the Knights Club, and there are already plans being hashed out for next year’s show.

The show’s stage manager was 11th grader Jacquelyn Bidlack, enforcing that the concert was an operation for the students, by the students. Bidlack was graceful and knowledgeable on the show’s various elements. “I was the assistant manager last year,” said Bidlack, “so this year I was really adamant to step up.”

“I’m excited, and a little nervous,” said freshman Catherine Iosefo, “but once you get on stage it all fades away.” Iosefo was one of the handful of freshman performing in the concert. With over 30 songs being performed, the show was a diverse mix of classic rock and smooth country. For more information on the choir’s upcoming events, visit www.hhhschoirs.com



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