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by Ryan Kiblinger, Pastor

Happy New Year! I know, it might seem a bit early, but in the Christian liturgical year, a new year has indeed dawned. Advent is the first season of the Christian year, and it begins four Sundays before Christmas. This is not a set date, but rather a counting back from the arrival of the Christ child. Advent is a season for many things, but one of the main purposes of Advent is waiting with expectation.
I want to recount what a friend once told me about the difference between hopefulness and expectation. When my wife and I married we hoped to have kids one day. It was certainly something we had talked about, and in the back of our minds we had some vague plans about the fact that it would one day become a reality for us. But after a few years, we found ourselves expecting. Now, hope had turned into something much more tangible. We no longer had a simple far off idea that was abstract in our minds, but we were faced with a coming reality that had to be accounted for. And so, things began to change in our lives. We did not yet have a child, but an entire room in the house was emptied of all of our stuff. In the place of our things, a crib was put together, and a changing table. Walls where painted, and new paintings and decorations coordinated with the new paint.
Advent is a time of waiting with expectation. It is time to make space in your life for the coming, and now present reality of Christ with us. My prayers for you this season (Advent and Christmas in Christian terms), is that in the midst of the clutter and hurry, and crowds and noise; in the middle of the paper and gifts and trees and lights, you make room for the Christ Child. I pray that you will come to know him and marvel at His arrival. I pray that you take a sober account of the room you make for Him in your own life. He alone is the true gift come down from heaven for the salvation of the whole world, but also, specifically for the salvation of you.


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