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A Flat Tire

A Flat Tire

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by Ryan Kiblinger, Foundation UMC

I have never been someone who likes a flat tire. I am not even sure that there are those people that do like flat tires, save maybe the tire repair guy. But I have been thinking about a recent flat tire that I got. This flat tire was not on my car. If it were, I would have to replace the tire, or get it fixed in a timely fashion, because I need to my car to take me places. No, this flat tire was on the riding lawnmower. Right rear. The Big one. And you know what? I noticed the flat tire a few weeks ago. The riding lawnmower still sits in the same spot. Now it has been hot and dry since, and so I am ok with the grass having grown just a bit.
Sometimes life gives us a flat tire. Sometimes things don’t go our way and they throw a wrench in our plans, and in our productivity. Most of the time we see these as set backs and curse that they happened to us, and at just the wrong moment, and we move on in anger at the delay and unexpected turmoil. But what if we looked at flat tires of life a bit differently? What if we really believed that while these matters are not good in and of themselves (whoa to the one who calls bad good!), but that good can sometimes come from these detours and set backs?
In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he says that God can make even bad things work together for an eventual good for those who love God. Now, if you like me, have had flat tires in your life, maybe instead of curse them, we should stop, give pause, and then give thanks. For all the flat tires in our lives that surprise us, God is never surprised. And God is faithful to see you through.


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