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Harker Heights Evening Star
Harker Heights Evening Star

2016: A year of preparation for Nolanville’s growth, development

By Shannon Myres,
Evening Star

In the year of 2016, Nolanville received several grants allowing for safety improvements, beautification, transportation, and economic growth, creating a year of planning, preparation, and opportunity for the City of Nolanville.
Finalization of the Master Park Plan was established in 2016. Construction will begin on the multi-use center and splash pad in January, with other projects such as the scent garden, playground, improvements to the multipurpose fields, and trail system to follow in 2017.
“The growth is inevitable, but how it happens is dependent on how well thought out the process is and making sure that we still hold on to the values that are important to the community,” said Kara Escajeda, Nolanville city manager. “They still want the small town atmosphere and safety. So we still have to keep those as our principle effort,” said Escajeda.
Other developments to begin in 2017 are the construction improvements for walkability and safety for Old Nolanville Road and Main Street. Recruitment of businesses along I90 frontage and within Nolanville will also be focused on in 2017.
“While we want to stay small town and quiet, there is a need for having some of those commercial services located a little closer,” said Escajeda. “People have asked for grocery stores and just some of those common services that they always have to travel to other cities. That’s going to be a lot of our focus for this year is to recruit some retail and commercial development,” said Escajeda.
Planning and Zoning completed several developmental phases such as the Villas of Bella Charca and Nolan Creek Commercial.
The city council observed three seat changes and have aligned their goals for focusing on “health and safety of the community.” Nolanville passed a few ordinances implementing more safety for “vulnerable road users” and have focused on establishing short and long term road maintenance plans.
One of 2016’s highlights most memorable for Escajeda was Nolanville receiving the Gold Star Affiliation with Keep Texas Beautiful.
“Getting the Gold Star Affiliation with Keep Texas Beautiful was a big highlight. We were third in the Governor’s Community Achievement Award which is tied to that affiliation and we’re hoping all our activities in 2016 will give us a shot at winning it this year,” said Escajeda.
The City of Nolanville was able to maintain a stable tax rate and spent below their fiscal budget. Due to receiving a low interest rate, over the next 10 years, Nolanville will save $200,000.
“We are in excellent financial standing. Our tax rate is the lowest in Central Texas,” said Escajeda.
In 2016, the City created a new, user friendly website for citizens to pay fees, obtain forms, and receive Code Red Alerts, view calendar of events and receiving a monthly city newsletter.
Many of Nolanville’s citizens had a passion for volunteering to improve their community.
Summer Feeding Program was established and events such as Trash Day, Thoughtful Citizen, organization of beautification activities, running the recycle center, and other activities were made possible with the help of volunteers.
Escajeda would like to see more effort made in 2017 to reach more of Nolanville’s citizens in order for them to be more aware of what all of Nolanville has to offer.
“We are increasing the number of opportunities and ways that the community has to engage in. But, getting the word out is difficult… Finding that venue for everyone to find out about when we have parades, when we have a race coming up, and community volunteer opportunities,” said Escajeda.
2016 was a year of preparation for Nolanville, said Escajeda.
2017 will bring Nolanville one step closer to achieving their vision for their Preferred Future Growth Plan of “preserving Nolanville’s small town feel and natural landscape while building a thriving city and identity around these assets.”


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