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Many Thanks! HHPD recognizes city’s volunteers

Many Thanks! HHPD recognizes city’s volunteers

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent 

The City of Harker Heights hosted its 14th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception Thursday evening at Harker Heights Activities Center. Nearly every department for the city has a volunteer task force to help them carry out daily activities.

“We have a great representation. The change in Harker Heights’ perception is astonishing,” said Rob Robinson, Harker Heights Mayor. “We take care of our people. And people are pleased to deal with Harker Heights and our people are pleased to live here. Our town really has come along and that means a lot. To see how much we have come along with the quality of life and it makes a difference in our living.”

Mayor Robinson presented the awards to the volunteers from the various departments and joked that they do get “paid” every year with this nice “free dinner”. He thanked to volunteers and let them know they were appreciated and the city couldn’t get everything done without their help.

“Very thankful we have our volunteers. They are absolutely valuable to creating the quality of life we have here in Harker Heights. We are creating this city to be a great place to work and live,” said Hal Schiffman, Council Member, Harker Heights City Council. “What is most special to me, is the number of people that chose to contribute to our city and the efforts to create a better community.”

Many departments in the city would be in dire straights without their volunteers to include the library, animal shelter and senior programs. The volunteers help fill that gap where there is not enough employees or funding for all that they need to keep the programs and departments going.

“This year’s Volunteer Appreciation Reception was wonderful. It was a joy to hear all the directors and volunteers talk about how much community means to them and they are proud to call Harker Heights their home. It is truly because of the nearly 800 volunteers our great city has that makes us such a wonderful community,” commented Heather Buller, Activities Coordinator, Harker Heights Parks & Recreation.

Volunteers for the City of Harker Heights are all ages from children to senior citizens. A mother and daughter team were recognized for their help with the Pet Adoption Center this year and all the hours they put in helping with the cat cages.

“This is a really great event to recognize all the servants in our community,” said Sadie Godoy, Volunteer, Courts Department.

After department volunteer awards were presented Robinson awarded outgoing board members and thanked them for their many years of hard work and dedication.

“Makes people feel valued,” commented Orion Martinez, Volunteer, Courts Department. “Even though we don’t work for an award, it feels good to receive one.”

“I didn’t think there was a place where I could argue and get community service at the same time. It helps kids get a clean record,” remarked Fritz Siebolt, Volunteer, Courts Department.


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